Ecological Technology

Shepherdess Ecotech is a startup building infinite-scale green/bio solutions


Biodegradable, biocompatible, bio-based polymer, stronger than petro-plastics and cheaper than glass


Circular, containerized reclamation process, transforming wastewater into clean water and bio-energy

Founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2016, Shepherdess innovates for the planet. With a focus on scientific breakthroughs, we begin in the literature and scale through lab, pilot and commercial phases. Our mission is to rapidly deploy novel tech which significantly alleviates the stresses on mother nature.


~ 09.2020 ~
New Alliance with U Alberta Microgrid Lab

Shepherdess is electrified to announce its collaboration with Professor Yunwei Li and his microgrid research group at the University of Alberta! Li's Edmonton lab is building a hyper-efficient mobile grid technology which enjoys high reliability and less power loss due to AC/DC conversions and synchronizations. Li's microgrid lab, Shepherdess and Proteus have submitted as a consortium for Round 2 of the Pop Up City Contest.

~ 06.2020 ~
New Alliance with Proteus Systems

Shepherdess is excited to announce its collaboration with Proteus Systems on the Pop Up City Contest! Proteus is developing a game-changing closed-loop energy generator which makes power via thermal differentials. Together, Shepherdess and Proteus will deploy their next-generation green technologies for the benefit of people and planet.

~ 03.2020 ~
Success in Round 1 of the Pop up City Contest

Shepherdess's Sedna wastewater reclamation project has made it through the first elimination round of the Pop up City Contest!

~ 01.2020 ~
New Alliance with Jefferson Lab

Shepherdess is honoured to announce that is has entered a Cooperative R&D Agreement with the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab). Together, Jlab and Shepherdess are developing a wastewater-optimized environmental electron beam. This collaboration is approved by the US Department of Energy.

~ 10.2019 ~
Confirmation of Biopolymer P4HB

Following three years of scientific probing and experimentation, Shepherdess microbiologists have created a slightly modified organism which produces a high yield of P4HB — a key polyhydroyalkanoate (PHA) biodegradable polymer. P4HB production will now be scaled up in Shepherdess labs. This work has been supported by Mitacs Accelerate research grants.

~ 09.2019 ~
Partnership with Fort McKay Métis Nation

Shepherdess is proud to announce that it has entered into partnership with Fort McKay Métis Nation of the Athabasca River, Alberta, Canada. The beautiful community of Fort McKay is located in the heart of oil sands development and stands to benefit most directly from a large scale cleanup of oil sands tailings water.

~ 09.2019 ~
Engineering & Design with Bantrel

Shepherdess has commenced Phase 1 engineering on Sedna with Bantrel. This effort is to containerize Shepherdess’ multi-stage wastewater reclamation technology, so it can be rapidly deployed in remote regions across the world. This work is supported by a Ontario Centres of Excellence Solutions 2030 contest grant.

~ 03.2019 ~
P3HB Biopolymer from Hemp — Study

Shepherdess researchers have published a full characterization of the synthesis of PHA biodegradable polymer from industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa). The paper was accepted by Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering.

~ 12.2018 ~
Research Agreement with Pond Tech

Shepherdess and Pond have officially begun scientific collaboration on the application of industrial photobioreactor technology to wastewater treatment and biogas production. Research is focused on yield optimization and design containerization. This work has been supported by an Ontario Centres of Excellence Solutions 2030 contest grant.

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